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Classic Hotel In Milan

In a city of such class and fashion historic and of great artistic importance as Milan, booking a stay just as classy and refined at the Hotel Pierre does not disappoint.

We are in the center of the Milan’s historic district. The Hotel during the day is dipped in the most vibrant city atmosphere. Surrounded by great shopping malls and boutiques, as well as art galleries and museums and close to the Duomo, the Pierre Hotel building is a flower that pops out in the historical heart of the city.

From the first moment you enter the building, you will be taken to a very elegant and refined beauty.

Guests will feel immersed in the historic-artistic wealth and pampered by modern amenities we offer through our services.

In order to enjoy a good drink in the center of Milan, discover our halls furnished with impeccable taste. Soft pillows, large sofas and, above all, paintings of great artistic value make these spaces charming and welcoming.

A classic five-star hotel in Milan, at Pierre Hotel you will feel part of an art set, in the beauty of classicism, which never fades.

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 Minimun 2 nights - Breakfast included - Cancellation without penalty not possible

Minimun 2 nights - Breakfast included -...

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