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Hotel Milan Porta Genova

Less than a kilometer away from Porta Genova in Milan you will find this Hotel for all of those who are looking to stay in Milan at Hotel Pierre in Via De Amicis, a short walk around will give show you the charm of the beautiful province of Lombardy and for those whom will book this hotel near Navigli in Milan.

From the Hotel Pierre in Milan to Navigli the road is so fast that you will not even realize that you are in the most bustling italian metropolis: the ancient roads that connected the river with Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and that today represent the heart of the nightlife in Milan still until today they maintain that ancient air and provincial by staying in our hotel in Milan near Porta Genova you will feel like being emerged in the green and breathing pure air.

Booking one of our elegant rooms at Hotel Pierre in Milan Porta Genova will be your immediate access to a Milan from a another time and the fastest way to escape for those who are fascinated by the atmosphere and the exploration that you can do and find in the area of southeast of the periphery from our hotel in Milan Navigli opens to Vigevano, Lomellina and Vercelli's plain.

Hotel Milan Porta Genova 5

 Minimun 2 nights - Breakfast included - Cancellation without penalty not possible

Minimun 2 nights - Breakfast included -...

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